Bunny Update

Just got a lovely message from our good friends Emily, Salla & Penelope to say the two bunnies that Wooly Ward’s Farm gave them are doing very well. Rockstar Olaf & Rainbow went to their new home a couple of months ago & it is great to hear that they are very happy & providing such entertainment to the family.

Here on the farm we are minding another bunny “Little Miss Muffet” for Clodagh who has gone on holiday with her family. We love little Miss Muffet because that’s what she does all day – sits on her tuffet (cushion) in her castle and surveys the world going by!

Turkey Chicks

The new baby Turkeys are doing very well – a week tomorrow. Such cuties when they are young, it’s a pity they turn so ugly when they get older. Although they have great personalities as they age. They are very loyal pets & can act as super “guard dogs”.