Goodbye and Farewell!

Goodbye and Farewell!                11/09/2018                                                        

Wooly Farm has grown from strength to strength over the years.

It only seems like yesterday when we set up and organised 54 events in our first year! And that was over seven years ago. The very first event we went to was a birthday party in Stamullen and I remember well how we couldn’t lift the pig into the van after the party because he was too heavy. We had to ring home and wait for reinforcements!

We have come a long way since that day in Stamullen and have just completed 570 events in the first nine months of 2018.

But as the business grows each year so does the amount of work and planning that goes into each event to ensure that all our customers get a top-class service. Of course, a farm never closes as our diva animals have us on call 24/4 365 days a year.

Our team has strived year in year out to be the best in class in our industry by implementing new procedures that ensure our animals have the highest care and attention, our vans and horseboxes are spotlessly clean, and our staff are highly trained in animal handling, first aid and child protection as well as customer service.

As I look out my office window, I see a lovely little farm that has been rejuvenated by all the visitors who have come here for events and school tours. Little did my fore fathers 300 years ago know that Scary Mary, theatre shows, Thomas the tank engine and pumpkin decorating would be a regular occurrence at Ward’s Farm. It is funny to think; how many enterprises have happened on this farm since 1720.

As we all know, nothing stands still in life. Things are forever changing around us. Our children are born, our parents and other family members die, we change careers, houses and cars. This has all happened to us too. Cathal and I have reared seven children who are all growing up and going their separate ways. We also cared for my parents on the farm with us until they both passed away – Dad only last month.

We now feel it is time to take our foot off the peddle so to speak and have more quality time with the family. We look forward to holidays and to finally go to events as spectators and not promoters. It is an ongoing joke that the kids check the roster before they visit to see if we are at home!

So, we plan to retire from Wooly Farm and put the mobile farm on the market for sale hoping that someone vibrant, enthusiastic and hardworking will take it over and bring it to new heights. We will close the farm for events and sadly the Halloween Experience will not be taking place this year.  Our plan is to finish up at the end of September and hopefully the mobile farm will be up and running in the New Year under new management.

Finally, I must thank you, our loyal customers from the bottom of my heart for supporting us and our visits over the past seven and a half years. This job has so many positives but one of the most rewarding elements is to receive the numerous messages and endorsements each week thanking us for bringing our animals and lots of fun to your events.

We never know what the future holds but hopefully the memories of Wooly Farm and Scary Mary will remain in your and your children’s hearts and minds for ever more!!

With much appreciation

Scary Mary