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Princess for a Day: Wooly Ward’s Farm Fairytale Event Review

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Last month, I gave you our review of the Teddy Bears Picnic at Wooly Wards Farm. Today, I am delighted to bring you another review of the wonderful Fairytale Summer Finale at Wooly Wards which we went to last Saturday. As you know, we were on a weeks holidays from work and spent the days revelling in a staycation with happy family days out. The Fairytale Finale was the perfect way to end our holidays and A lived the day as a Princess. If you haven’t visited Wooly Ward’s Farm yet, then why not? It really is a magical place with wonderful staff and fun things to do.

Wooly wards Farm Fairytale Event Review Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

A Princess for the Day

A was especially excited about the Fairytale Finale as it meant she could wear her Fairy Princess dress. FYI I am still picking the glitter out of every single nook and cranny in the car, the house, A’s hair… She spent the entire day before, and the morning of the Finale running around saying she had to wear her dress and that we had to go to the Farm. Perhaps, I shouldn’t have told her so early where we were going. Needless to say, when the time came to go, we had a very enthusiastic and eager Princess on our hands.

Wooly Ward's Farm Fairytale Review Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

She found the Wooly throne very early on in the day!

Momma Bear was chuffed that Papa Bear could tag along with us this time. We also met up with my sister, L, and her two kiddies, F, who you’ll remember from our first Wooly Review, and E who is 11 months old going on 3.


Since we had just been at Wooly Ward’s the month before, A and F were especially excited because they knew where to go and what to see. Immediately, they jumped out of the car and wanted to go on the bouncy castles. In fact, they weren’t the only one. F’s baby sister was super keen on an empty bouncy castle and magically made her way into the middle! They remembered everything about the Farm and hunted down their favourite spots to go – the tractor slide, the wobbly bridge (which Papa Bear obliged in creating a massive wobble) the bouncy castles (three in total), and of course, dear old Thomas the Tank Engine.

Wooly Ward's Farm Fairytale Review Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog
Wibble, wobble, Wibble, Wobble – everyone loves a wobbly bridge

I was delighted to see that, in comparison to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic, there were new and fresh events planned for the kids. We were given our tokens for the Cookie Decorating, which always goes down a treat, the Arts and Crafts tokens to make King and Queen crowns and a map to see where individual events took place. One of the great things about Wooly Ward’s, is that it’s not too big, very easy to navigate and there are plenty of staff around to ask questions who are more than willing to help.

Come on Let’s Explore

Where there are bouncy castles, there are children. I was eager to explore and see what we could get up to but the kids spied the bouncy castles and were lured over to them with an imaginary bungee cord that we couldn’t break. To be fair, they had a ball. A was a glittery, shiny spectacle jumping and bouncing and falling. F and A were happy. What could we do but wait until their bellies rumbled.

Wooly ward's farm review over heaven's hill parenting blog
Bouncing in motion – impossible to get a non blurry photo

We made our way to where karaoke was to be expertly performed later on and stole a sneaky blanket on the grass to have a quick lunch. A spotted Mickey and Minnie Mouse and decided they were her new best friends. I honestly believe she would have run away with them given half the chance. Disney music blared out from the karaoke tent and A wrapped F, Mickey and Minnie up in an impromptu dance.

Wooly Ward's Farm Fairytale Review Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

Wooly Ward's Farm review Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

Change Places

The highlight of the day, which adults and kids alike loved, and was also B’s favourite part of the day, was Alice in Woolyland. The staff of Wooly Ward’s put on the funniest and quirkiest of plays. We all sat on hay bales set out in the barn as a makeshift theater. The back drop was cleverly painted, the mad hatters tea table was ready for tea and a jail was set up on stage for the Queens Court. The best part was when the Mad Hatter would shout “Change Places” and the barn was uplifted with a Yakety Sax Benny Hill runaround. The saying of the day was certainlyChange Places as F and A would shout it randomly after the play. A was only delighted to meet Alice afterwards as the crowds disappeared out of the barn to see where else they could explore. And F quickly pointed out that we had helped The Mad Hatter find his lost teddy bear last time! Nothing gets past F. *Hello Eddie*

Wooly Ward's Farm Fairytale Review Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

Creepy Creatures and more

OK, I’ll own up, I sort of declared that I would watch the baby outside, when A said she wanted to hold the snake and L and F nestled beside her on the bench. It was a small, somewhat cute snake but I didn’t trust myself so nuzzled away and let B soak up the creepy creatures with them all. They were given the opportunity to see and eeek hold! guinea pigs, and snakes. There was also a rescue Parrot who quietly watched everyone who myself and E chatted to while we waited.

We skipped the Princess Salon where the girls, and the boys if so inclined, could get their nails painted. A beautifully girly thing to do and most definitely fitting for a Fairytale Event. A wasn’t keen on waiting or sitting still so we carried on.

The Fairytale Finale was a whirlwind few hours of cookie decorating, exploring Scary Mary’s House, finding animals, riding on Thomas the Tank Engine, jumping hay bales and logs, wandering through the scary walk and finding Scary Mary’s washing, singing, laughing and making friends with Princesses. The Farm was colourful and bright, clean and rustic. Balloons and bunting gave the day a festive feel and everywhere we went there were smiles and excitement.

Verdict from us all 10/10

The kids had the best time. Absolutely no complaints from them. They went home happy, smiley and exhausted. Even Baby E enjoyed the day and soaked up the atmosphere.

As Momma Bear, what I like most about Wooly Wards are the staff. Wherever A and F went, they were especially greeted. The children really do come first at the Farm. I love nothing more than to see a child being welcomed, appreciated and involved. The Princess even told A a secret – Scary Mary is her Mum! It’s fair to say that telling a toddler anything in confidence won’t remain a secret for too long so I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing.

Wooly Ward's Farm Fairytale Review Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog

Papa Bear said “Wooly Wards is great. It is big enough to easily fill the three hours and yet intimate and small enough so you don’t feel like you’re wasting time walking around trying to find things to do. There is something on every corner.”

And I agree. Wooly Ward’s Farm has something very special going on with their events. It is a perfect family day out with zero pressure and plenty of memories made.

Again, I was snap happy at Wooly Ward’s. Check out our gallery of the day.

A quick round up of things to do at the Fairytale Summer Finale:

  • Bouncy Castles
  • Explore the Farm
  • Alice in Woolyland Show
  • Princess Salon
  • The Fairy Wood
  • Make a King/Queen Crown
  • Face Painting
  • Journey on Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Disney Karaoke
  • Animal Petting Shed
  • Decorate your own Cookie
  • Meet Scary Mary at her House
  • Creepy Creatures
  • Picnic Area
  • and more

All activities are included in the ticket price
(€6 adults / €15 children – family tickets available)

Things Momma and Papa Bears might like to know:

  • Wooly Ward’s Farm is located a short distance off the Ashbourne/Swords road (approximately a ten minute drive from either town)
  • Opening Hours can be found here
  • They are open for birthday/private parties
  • There are toilet facilities at the back of the main house
  • Baby Changing Facilities are in the house
  • First Aid is located in the Farm House.
  • There is plenty of parking
  • Staff are very friendly and helpful
  • Tickets for events can be bought online
  • Activity Farm tickets can be bought from the farm house
  • Tours are available
  • Bring wellies and a rain coat (just in case!)

Future Events

Wooly Wards host an annual Halloween Event in October, which is the biggest and best event of the year so I’m told.  Keep an eye on their website for info.

Wooly Wards are open for Visits to the Farm during the Summer Months, School Tours and Corporate Events. They host special events throughout the year so keep an eye on their websitetwitter or facebook page for updates!

Thank you to all the staff at Wooly Ward’s Farm for another amazing and memorable day at the Fairytale Summer Finale! We’ll be back 🙂

Wooly Ward's Farm Fairytale Review Over Heaven's Hill Parenting Blog