This year Wooly Farm is launching our 3 week hatching programme for Secondary and Primary Schools. We bring fertilized eggs to schools so that the students can see chicks being hatched.

This programme is a great addition to any science or home-economics curriculum, as students can follow the progress of the egg throughout the incubation period with our candling system.

Students can monitor the incubators temperature level and chick’s growth. Once the chicks are hatched, they can be transferred to our brooder box.  We provide you with everything the chicks need, a heat lamp, bedding, food and drinker.  The brooder box is lightweight and can be moved easily into different rooms if needed.

Our aim is to provide an educational experience for all, bringing the joy of watching eggs hatching, and chicks emerging from their shells, right to your door.

Our hatching programme is simple to run and it comes with clear operating instructions, on-call service and detailed resources for students and teachers.

When the program is over and you can’t bear to be parted from your chickens, we will allow you to keep them at no cost! All chicks that are not adopted are brought back to Wooly Farm and provided with a safe home.