Montessori Visits

For your Wooly Ward’s Farm Experience we will bring a variety of adorable animals ranging from rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hens, ducks, pigs, lambs, and goats.

Each child will have the opportunity to pet, groom, and hold the animals in a safe environment. The Wooly Ward’s team are dedicated to teaching children the value of our relationship with the animal world. We focus on bringing children and animals together using a hands-on interactive approach that’s fun and engaging.

There will be two highly trained staff with the mobile farm to educate and entertain the children. The staff will teach the children how to handle the animals correctly and encourage them to share, be gentle, and thoughtful. The children will learn interesting facts about each variety of animal.

Don’t worry about the size of your garden, we fit to suit. Wooly Ward’s Farm has a leave no trace policy!

We usually divide the children into class groups of up to 25 children. Each group will get thirty minutes with the animals, to include a “Show and Tell” for the younger groups or an Animal Panto for the older children. Every child will sanitise their hands and receive a unique Wooly Ward Farm’s sticker at the end of each session.

All our insurances, risk assessments, and animal welfare documents are fully compliant and are available on request.