March Madness!

Hello All!

Scary Mary here…

We have been so busy on the Wooly Farm especially now that winter is over. I am so excited that spring has finally arrived! It’s definitely one of my favourite times of the year as there is so much happening and even more to look forward to.

The double-headed snowdrops have started to appear and this is always a sign that new life is soon to come. These gorgeous flowers have been growing on the farm for over 350 years in the same spot!

Many of the animals have smelt spring in the air too, and have been busy having their babies. The Geese have been laying their eggs, and we are delighted that our black Zwartble 2 year old sheep – Spot has just had two lovely new born lambs. Lambs are so resilient; they just get up, feed from their mother and go! New chicks have arrived as well, so it’s been an absolute feast of cuteness around here.

Now that it is new-born season at the farm, bookings for mobile birthday parties are filling up fast, so don’t forget to organise a special Wooly Wards experience for your party with our mobile farm!

In other news we are all busy preparing for our big Easter event, and have started laying down some lines and rhymes for our Easter show in the animal theatre.  Come to the Easter Extravaganza at the Wooly Farm and you will get to see all the newborn cuties and enjoy a fabulous show from our amazing staff.

That’s all for now folks, talk soon!

Love Scary Mary.