Where it all began

Wooly Farm was established by Scary Mary, Cathal & their family in 2011 when they saw the level of interest people and children had with farm animals. Over the following six years they have put three mobile farms on the road, opened up their own farm for themed events and entertained thousands of people with their animal theatre and petting zoo.

In 2019, Wooly Farm was acquired by Farmer Al and his farmyard pals..

Wooly’s have built up a highly trained team of young and energetic staff who work alongside Farmer Al. Staff have backgrounds in Childcare, Drama, Tourism, Food Science, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary to name but a few. All staff undergo First Aid, Animal Handling & customer service training on an ongoing basis.

Farmer Al’s background is in Agriculture and ID Nursing.

The Woolies at Work

Who we’ve worked with recently