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We can set up a gazebo(s) in a sheltered area so that the animals can be petted in comfort. Alternatively, if you have an indoor space, we can set up a petting area inside and can put floor coverings down to protect everything and will do a thorough clean up afterwards.

Yes. We can put floor coverings down to protect everything and will do a thorough clean up afterwards.

As standard, we send 7-8 small animals (depending on availability), including: rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, ducks, a hen, a piglet, a goat/s and a lamb/s.

For that extra wow factor, you have the option of one of our majestic alpacas or llamas, our affectionate donkey, Winnie or our little Shetland pony, Apache, who standing at just under a metre tall melts hearts all around him.

Our animals are reared in a loving environment and are trained and closely vetted so that we only send animals to events whose personalities are suited to it. We specifically breed animals from the most docile breeds and start them off on smaller events till they get used to larger groups of people. It is our priority that all animals are healthy and happy at events, and if, as we care for and monitor them, we feel that they need a break we will take them to a quiet space to rest in. We have a roster for the animals so that they are not overworked and have lots of days off and if we feel they don’t enjoy mobile events, they can stay at home!

Cost depends on a number of variables such as your location, the type of event you wish us to cater for, the number attending, the animals you wish us to bring, etc. The best thing to do is to fill out the enquiry form and we will quote you our most competitive price and work with you to create a memorable and enjoyable event for all!

We can set up indoors or outdoors – if outdoors we will bring a 3×3 metre marquee and for indoor events we will set up tarps on the floor area. We would bring all our own equipment to contain the animals. We would arrive approx. 30-40 minutes before the start time to set up.

Your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the event but if for some reason we have to cancel, we will offer you another date or refund your deposit to you. 

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