The Wooly farm team are dedicated to teaching children and adults the value of our relationship with the animal world. We focus on bringing children and animals together using a hands-on interactive approach that’s fun and engaging, by getting the children involved in a range of activities such as leading, feeding petting and grooming. These activities are designed to educate children and encourage them to develop an understanding of animals and their care.


Wooly Farm can visit your school so there’s no travelling time to take into account. We can design a timetable with the school to give each class a chance to learn about the different animal habits & enjoy meeting them up close. Class interaction with the animals can range from 20-45 minutes. Each session will be designed around the age group of the children with the younger groups participating in an animal show & the older in an interactive quiz.

We can set a marquee & seating up in the school yard so weather is not an issue.

Wooly Ward’s Farm is fully indemnified to 6.5 million euro.

Montessori Visits

A highly interactive experience for the children which allows them to meet and handle the animals in a safe environment. Children join in the animal show and learn about all the different animals. Children can be brought out in their class groups – smaller groups are advised to give the children more interaction with the animals.

Shows such as the Lonely Rabbit & Sleepy Jack will be performed for the Montessori groups while the younger children can participate in “Show & Tell”. Hygiene is paramount to Wooly Ward’s Farm and we ensure that all of our hygiene practices are at  a top standard.


Planning a social activity for the college during the year to de-stress the students?  Book our Mobile Farm for a unique experience. Just don’t forget the selfie sticks!!

We have travelled to universities in Dublin, Meath, Louth, Kildare Westmeath and even Galway!