As an interactive introduction to the circle of life why not invite us to your school or creche to explain the incubation process to your class. We will arrive with all the equipment you need to hatch out chicks for yourselves. We will introduce your class to our beautiful hens and our cute little chicks. 

Seasonal Events

To get people in the festive mood what could be cuter and more fun than our little beauties dressed up in costumes while we play festive music on our PA.

Shopping Centres

Wooly Farm is ideal for special events and is great for drawing a crowd. Our “Bunny Zone” is a very cute and aesthetically pleasing display of the Wooly Bunnies. The display measures 4.5 sq. metres and can be set up in the Shopping Centre. We usually have about 8 bunnies in it hopping around and 

Birthdays, Communions & Christenings

Your child’s party will be the talk of the town! With beautiful animals to cuddle, lead, feed, groom and lots of funny antics with our whacky entertainers, Wooly farm will give your child a party to remember!

Animal Hire

Need to hire one of our animals for TV, advertising or promotions? Talk to us about your requirements.

Secondary Schools

It’s not easy being a teenager – peer pressure, social media and exam pressures can all affect student’s wellbeing. The therapeutic effects of petting animals is not to be underestimated – worries can melt away as you become one with nature and live in the moment and not in your head. Added to this we 


Wooly Farm has become very popular with universities. The Wellbeing and Therapeutic benefits of holding and petting animals is very useful in reducing campus stress levels before exams or assignment deadlines! Our friendly staff will be there to answer questions, to entertain with animals tricks and of course to offer great selfie opportunities! Wooly Farm 


A highly interactive experience for the children which allows them to meet and handle the animals in a safe environment. Children join in the animal show and learn about all the different animals. Children can be brought out in their class groups – smaller groups are advised to give the children more interaction with the 

Primary Schools

Rather than having to organise transport and having to double and triple-check role calls to ensure, no-one is left behind, why not let the farm come to you??? This is a hassle-free way to ensure you and your class have a fun filled and educational day without the headache of moving troops several times. We 

Care Settings

We provide a unique service for people in care settings to meet and cuddle our beautiful babies. The wellbeing benefits of animal and reminiscence therapy will be felt for weeks to come with lasting memories of a fun-filled day! The animals can be set up outside or inside (on waterproof floor coverings) as per client’s 

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