As Winter continues, grass is beginning to run low on the farm. The sheep are now 3-4 months pregnant and it is very important to check their body condition regularly so that any that are getting thin can be fed supplemental feed. We keep our fatter ewes out for as long as possible to finish off the bad grass and allow lovely sweat fresh grass to grow up in its place. The thinner ewes and ones that are carrying multiple lambs are now in the house being fed silage and meal. As they get closer to their due dates, their energy requirements increase, so we must increase their meal portions on a weekly basis. All expectant mums are given their yearly vaccinations 2-8 weeks pre-lambing and are also dosed for fluke (a parasite that attacks the liver and spreads in wet conditions)

It is important this time of year to ensure that all outside animals have good shelter from the harsh Winter weather. The pony, donkey and pigs have their own sheds to snuggle up in at night and can stay in if the weather is particularly harsh so they don’t damage the field or catch pneumonia.

The goats were going out to the paddock during the day but they hate the rain so much that they spent most of the time crying to come back in, so we decided to leave them in full-time till the weather improves and they are much happier now! We have been blessed with the arrival of 4 beautiful kids who are keeping us entertained with their funny antics! We can’t wait for you to meet them!

Santa Claus was very good to me this year and brought me a beautiful Alpaca called Pom Pom, who is just adorable, and has settled in well to Wooly Farm. She is due to have a baby cria this summer, which will be so exciting! We also hope to add 3 more alpacas to the herd over the next few months, so watch this space!

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