Meet Nugget, Gougon, Shelly and Chicken Little.

These babies are only a couple of weeks old and our staff will assist you with them as we have to be very gentle with them. When first born, the chicks are covered in downy fluff but by days 7-10 they start developing feathers on their wings and tail, and by week 3, they will be almost fully covered with feathers and can even fly a little!

These chicks were hatched from an incubator at 37.5 degrees Celsius. It takes 21 days for an egg to incubate.The natural way for an egg to incubate is for the mother to sit on her eggs and turns each egg 50 times a day for the whole 21 days. Chicks hatched by this method are a lot wilder as opposed to the incubator chicks who see us as their moms!

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