Meet Chicken Licken, Licken Chicken, Henny Penny, Tickles, Feathers, Isabella and Mrs Breakfast.

These bantam or miniature hens have been incubated and reared by us on the farm. Bantam hens lay eggs but they are about half the size of a regular egg. Hens come in a huge variety of colourful and plumaged breeds. Ours are a mix of Pekin and Silkie breeds which, again are very friendly, maternal breeds. The Pekin is known by it’s feathery booted feet, while the Silkie is renowned for its black skin and extra toes!!!

Our girls have been entertaining folk since they were only chicks, so they are extremely friendly! If you ask one of our Wooly staff, they can get one to perch on your arm and they might even tickle you with their feathers!!!

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